We are a team of professionals ready to put at your disposal all the experience gained over years of work in the interior design sector. We work with passion, aware of offering the best you could wish for: prestigious, beautiful and functional kitchens, elegant living rooms, high quality bedrooms, refined bathroom furnishings that are solid and resistant at the same time. We will look for the perfect solution to make your home a unique place, the best for you. Furnishing your dream home together will be a wonderful journey We will always be by your side, up to the final destination, and even after, regardless of how many times we have to change direction and start over. Because what motivates us every day is called passion. Tell us about your dream home. Tell us about your dream home. It will be like making our own.


Our mission is to bring beauty, quality and solidity into your home. Elegant living rooms, with an attractive design, made of the highest quality materials; solid and functional kitchens, without neglecting aesthetics, to make lunch and dinner moments precious; comfortable, spacious and welcoming rooms for your rest and for organizing your wardrobe. Elegant living rooms, with an attractive design, made of the highest quality materials; solid and functional kitchens, without neglecting aesthetics, to make lunch and dinner moments precious; comfortable, spacious and welcoming rooms for your rest and for organizing your wardrobe. Beauty is also in a quality ceramic floor, in resistant fixtures, in a well-designed and well-built house. Stand by your side in every phase of the construction of your home, always providing you with the best. This is our dream, our mission.

Create your dreams take your freedom.

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Our team dealing with Furniture

RiccardoSales Manager
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Riccardo Raccagni can boast forty years of experience in the furniture industry and in detail of the kitchens. As soon as he finished compulsory school, at the age of fourteen, Richard is called by his father to work in the factory opened by his grandfather in Poggibonsi in the years Fifty, Staggia's Raca Kitchens. An essential experience to enter from the inside into the mechanism of the production of the furniture, which Richard will make the most of by assimilating every step of the production process. Having reached the age of majority, Richard can finally follow his dream, selling. Start thus to travel alongside company representatives from whom he absorbs the techniques of the trade. At the age of twenty, Riccardo suddenly finds himself having to run the family business alone. It is on this occasion that he decides to turn it into a furniture store. New firm opens with two other partners in Colle Val d'Elsa in the mid-1980s, survives a fire destroying it, and soon expanded the sales sector alongside the processing of the contract kitchen countertops. In 2008, Riccardo decided to pursue his own path and founded his trading company, R2, in Poggibonsi, where he took the place of a historic kitchen store, the Stil Model, expanding its offerings to include bedrooms and living rooms. Today, at BHM Interiors, the all-round experience in the furniture industry and in particular the kitchens, along with an energetic and direct character, make Riccardo Raccagni a true guarantee for anyone wishing to furnish their home, as well as for technicians who find themselves to interface with an expert who can prevent any problems.
ClaudioInterior Design
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Claudio Banchini, interior design, art director and salesman, grew up in the store of modern designer furniture opened by his mother in Florence in 1969. Here, from an early age he made the tasks on Zanotta dining tables or Snaidero kitchens. At the age of seventeen, while studied as a surveyor, began attending exhibitions and furniture shows. 1978 to 1982 Flank mom in the store. When his mother retires Claudio takes over the exercise along with other members, bringing in professional architects and further raising the level of the trademarks covered. In '89 he sold the store and began working with several furniture makers in the area Florence but also in the Siena area. Since 2021 he has been managing the sales of the R2 store in Poggibonsi, Maintains contact with clients and designs the different types of environments. Knowledge, experience and expertise its strengths, acquired through a long professional history. The world of furniture for him is a root that continues to nurture the tree of passion, of the fun and pleasure of doing this craft.
AzurraSales Manager
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Azzurra Lazzi has gained considerable experience in the furniture industry despite young age. From an early age, she breathed the air of the furniture and construction world, among the mother real estate agent and father interior decorator and furniture salesman. To escape a life channeled on her parents' activities, she moved to Florence, in search of her own path, which will turn out to be precisely that of his father, whose footsteps he follows by enrolling in the Faculty of Architecture. He cut his teeth working in large-scale retail while pursuing his studies. In Dante's city, he lives amidst the historical elegance that characterizes its artistic and architectural, coming into contact with other interior designers and furniture dealers. Gifted with an empathy that leads her to easily interpret the idea of the imagined environment from the client, of his work he especially loves human contact and design. She has recently joined the staff of BHM Interiors, after she moved to Valdelsa, leaving the big city to be closer to family, but she has already won her space as a bringer of freshness and novelty.
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Mario Palma is in charge of administration. Accurate and reliable, handles with care and attention to customer orders, from warehousing to accounting to dealing with suppliers and with banks. He has long experience in the world of furniture and glassware, having managed Back office and customer care in several furniture stores before joining BHM in 2018 Interior where he immediately proved to be a strong and trusted asset to the team.

In the heart of Tuscany, a land naturally given to beauty and elegance

BHMInteri has chosen the heart of Tuscany, a land that symbolizes beauty and elegance in the world, to open its stores and showrooms, now present in the provinces of Siena and Florence, with an upcoming opening in Lucca. BHMInteri's philosophy, based on experience, love of beauty, quality assurance and attention to sustainability and respect for the environment, is a perfect match for all that characterizes a regional territory rich in history, artistic and architectural masterpieces, great people and timeless landscapes. With this in mind, BHMInterni offers products that are the result of a careful selection of the best furniture brands, guaranteeing quality, good taste, solidity and durability, thinking of a customer who likes to surround himself with beautiful, well-made objects, to experience inside his home the same harmony of shapes and colors as in a wonderful Tuscan landscape or an architectural masterpiece.

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