The mirror, a great friend of your home

The mirror is a great friend of your home and can be used not only for its undisputed utility, but also to solve problems of space and brightness.

The mirror is a very versatile piece of furniture as well as easy to find in different
sizes, shapes and styles, and at prices within the reach of all budgets.
In addition to the recognized functionality, which makes it an indispensable accessory in the bathroom or
at the entrance, the mirror is increasingly considered a useful element to make
improvements in the environments in which we live or work.

Advice from interior decorators

Architects and interior decorators recommend placing mirrors in dimly lit areas or in
small rooms, precisely to create an illusion of greater breadth and brightness.
A mirror personalises the space and makes it functional at the same time. It enhances
perspective and makes a room more practical and comfortable.
Mirrors can be hung, with or without frame, or placed on the ground, firmly
fixed with special hooks.
A full-length mirror can give illusion of a much more spacious bathroom,
but the same goes for any other room.
An important frame, modern or retro, around a large mirror can the
completely change the look of an old piece of furniture, a low console or the wall behind
headboard of the bed.
A wall can be enlivened by a mirror with an odd, drop, round,
diamond, concave or convex shape, with a simple and essential frame.
A rustic decor will be enhanced by mirrors framed in wood, even rough, as well as
metal frames will perfectly match industrial or technical style rooms.
The composition of mirrors, even of different shapes and sizes, has a very strong decorative value
just like that of paintings and can be emphasized by
specially designed lighting.
The mirror placed on the floor can give value to an anonymous corner in the living area,
in the entrance it expands the perception of space and in the bathroom it is very elegant.
The mirror, positioned in front of a window, reflects natural light but also a
particularly beautiful external landscape.

Things not to do

However, there are some rules to follow, first of all from an aesthetic point of view.
Like not using too large frames in small rooms, or not placing a mirror
at the end of a long, narrow corridor. In this case it is better to choose walls, even with
alternating mirrors, to offer the idea of ​​greater width.
At the same time, however, care must be taken not to hang them in front of empty walls.
And above all, especially for those resting on the ground, be careful not to place them
in dangerous corners.

Those who are superstitious know that breaking a mirror costs seven years of bad luck.
In any case, the mirror often represents a very strong symbol even in
traditional fairy tales. Think of the “mirror mirror of my desires” to which Snow White’s stepmother
obsessively asked who was “the fairest of all”.
Or in the mirror in Alice’s bedroom, the character created by Lewis Carroll
in the second half of the 18th century, which the little girl will be able to cross by experiencing
fantastic adventures in the novel “Through the Looking Glass”, a sequel to “Alice in Wonderland”.
“Alice in Wonderland”.

What does Feng Shui say

Eastern disciplines such as Feng Shui attach great importance to mirrors which
can multiply the positive energies of the house, but also the negative ones. For this reason, the
discipline provides a series of suggestions to be respected in order to improve life inside

Never place a mirror in front of the bed, for example, so as not to reflect and multiply
our energy, disturbing sleep. In the living room, avoid placing it in front of the sofa
so as not to embarrass guests. Better on the wall behind the sofa or to the side, perhaps on a
sideboard where it can reflect the light of the room.
Be careful not to hang them too low, so as not to cut off the heads of
slightly taller people. Also prohibited to reflect stairs, doors, oven, stove, toilet and main entrance.
In fact, for Feng Shui mirrors, just like for Alice, would be connected to
mysterious forces and parallel worlds. Better not to take them lightly.
Indeed, it would be advisable to hang the so-called Pa Kua, small round mirrors, often
framed in red, above the entrance door of our homes, but also of offices
and restaurants, so as to protect inhabitants and visitors and attract luck, which never hurts .

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